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About Us 

Dongguan Zecheng Precision Mould Co., Ltd.
Contact person: Mr.Gui
Mobile phone: 13560866120
Address: No. 9 Shangxing West Road, Chang'an Town, Dongguan City (First Floor, Building B, Besta Technology Park)

Overseas business Sales Director
William Suen
Customer service 
Our value lies in having customers, providing customers with quality services, and allowing customers to obtain satisfaction that exceeds expectations.
We pay attention to customer experience, listen to customers' voices, and recognize their true needs.

Accurate and realistic
Accuracy: It is a degree and a means. Emphasize the strictness of the silk, the emphasis on data, and the norms and laws.
Pragmatism: It is an attitude, an attitude of seeking truth, objectiveness, and facts. It is a strict and serious attitude. We are used to rational thinking and are happy to find problems;
We strive to be based on facts and speak with data;

Integrity sharing
We are honest people and pay attention to credibility. Treat frankly and openly;
We respect others and value equality, trust, appreciation and affection;
We share vision, cooperate with each other, share resources, and develop together;

Entrepreneurial innovation
We are dissatisfied, brave to struggle, and constantly surpass ourselves;
We are the masters of our posts, take the initiative to take responsibility, and respond flexibly to changes and challenges;

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